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David Rodriguez, “Vice vs Veecio” is a graphic designer, digital artist, and DJ based out of Queens, New York.

As a graphic designer, David is passionate, versatile, collaborative, and enjoy's creating digital content. With over 8 years of experience, his skills have been acquired in branding, marketing asset design, and web design. David's skills have enabled him to problem solve and conceptualize effectively, with an eye always on innovation within the design world. His work has been published with 451 Media Group, he's helped launch brands such as Mad Flava NYC, I Am Hexed, Januarie 1st, and Tiger Eye Focus, as well as created exciting content for artists Z3N Master, Dos Flakos, and Young Shinobi.

As a digital artist, David is creating work utilizing his illustration, typography, and photography skills. Original works are inspired by David's interests in sci-fi, comics, and architecture. Projects like The Third Eye were created with the intention to bring to life David's vision of a very distant future. A future where the world has been deserted and depleted, but we start seeing signs of life beginning to emerge. What David hopes to accomplish through these works is to start a conversation about how important our future is to us and the world that will inherit it.


Veecio, David's DJ alter ego, is the musical side of David's creative passions. As Veecio, David's showcased his love for techno, house, and other subgenres of electronic music. David's goal as a DJ is to give listeners an experience inspired by his love for music and the discovery of new sounds. David is also a core member of the DJ/Producer collective Mad Flava NYC. Notable performances include former New York City staple Cielo, Space Ibiza New York (now known as FREQ), TBA Brooklyn, IRL Gallery, and The Andrew Freedman Home.

These three avenues of creativity serve David as the outlet for his passions. The goal is to inspire people who are dreamers and visionaries, and show them that nothing is unattainable as long as your heart is in it. 

FUN FACT: David was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in the borough of Queens, NY since the age of 3. David first heard Mase's 1997 song "24 Hours to Live" in South Central, LA.

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