David Rodriguez also known as “Vice vs Veecio”, a professional designer, digital artist, and DJ based in Queens, New York.  


As a designer, David has obtained over 8 years of experience contributing to the creative development of various brands, each one seeking to communicate a unique and engaging identity. These brands include Kickstarter campaign I Am Hexed, media company 451, online platform We Heart Our Lives and DJ collective Mad Flava NYC


As a digital artist, David has created expressions and stories derived deep from his imagination.  These stories are representations of his outlook on culture, technology, and spirituality.  


As a DJ stage name Veecio, he has crafted an identity that allows him to showcase his love for electronic music while creating his own sound.


These avenues of creativity have allowed David to share his skills and passions while seeking to help and inspire others along the way. 

FUN FACT: David was born in Los Angeles, California, but raised in the borough of Queens, NY since the age of 3. He first heard Mase's 1997 song "24 Hours to Live" in South Central, LA.