David Rodriguez, “Vice vs Veecio” is a graphic designer, digital artist, and DJ based out of New York City.

As a graphic designer, David has grown to be highly creative, versatile, and collaborative. With over 8 years of experience, his skills have been acquired for logo design, branding, digital art, cover art, flyer design, editorial design, and web design. David's technical and communicative skills have enabled him to problem solve and conceptualize effectively, with an eye always on trends and innovation within the creative world. His work has been published with 451 Media Group, he's helped launch brands such as I Am Hexed, Januarie 1st, We Heart Our Lives, and has created exciting content for artists Mad Flava NYC, Dos Flakos, and Young Shinobi.

As a digital artist David is creating original work catered for the dreamer and visionary. These works of digital art are inspired by David's outlook on culture, technology, and spirituality giving us messages of what we find important in our modern time, and the results we might find in the future. Some works are now available for purchase as NFT's on Rariable


David has crafted an identity as Veecio, djing solo and as part of the Mad Flava NYC collective. As Veecio he's showcased his passion for techno, house, and anything else that's sure to put you in a mood to dance. Veecio's goal is to give listeners an experience loaded with underground sounds, edits, and latin inspired grooves. Notable performaces include former New York City staple Cielo, Space Ibiza New York (now known as FREQ), TBA Brooklyn, IRL Gallery, and The Andrew Freedman Home.

FUN FACT: David was born in Los Angeles, California, and raised in the borough of Queens, NY since the age of 3. David first heard Mase's 1997 song "24 Hours to Live" in South Central, LA.