My name is David Rodriguez aka Vice Royed. I'm a professional graphic designer, who specializes in logo design, web design, and illustration. I currently work full time as 451's in-house graphic designer at their New York City location. As a freelancer, I've worked with countless start up's and small companies looking to build and create long lasting brands. Connecting and creating meaningful relationships through these projects is what I look forward to the most. 


When I'm not designing I dabble in some photography and music. As a photographer, I enjoy scenery and subjects that I connect with, allowing me to create messages and emotions unseen by many. My photography has also allowed me to travel throughout various locations in the country and around the world. Giving me the opportunity to explore and meet people from all walks of life and share moments with them.


As a DJ, known as DJ Veecio, I've carved out a new passion and a new lane in which I'm able to express myself creatively through electronic music. As a former member of the electrifying (DJ/VJ) group MNDLS, I've played in world renowned clubs Space Ibiza New York, Cielo, The Bowery Electric, and Camp Springer Festival. I've also collaborated with music families House 78, Warper Party, and I'm Schmacked. I publish a monthly mix via my Soundcloud, entitled "Iniquity" series where you're able to hear techno tracks mix and mashed by your's truly.



My passion towards achieving my goals and aspirations have also lead me to be a part of the non-profit organization Support Creativity. This without a doubt is my most fulfilling endeavor. As an associate creative and consultant, I've had the opportunity to contribute in developing and solidifying the brand and overall mission. I've been a part of the team since 2014. Seeing this organization grow every year is an achievement on its own. 


If you feel interested in working or collaborating with me please free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to connect with you and create something special.


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