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451 Media

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David Rodriguez



Vice (David Rodriguez) is a professional designer, with over 10 years of experience. With a focus on graphic design, he has specialized in digital and print media throughout his career. His technical and communicative skills have enabled him to problem solve and conceptualize effectively through an array of projects. His attention to trends and innovation within the creative world has given him a comprehensive look into the longevity and strength of brands.

As a creative, Vice has been able to contribute in the direction of various brands seeking to develop distinctive and cohesive identities. From entertech company 451, Kickstarter campaign I Am Hexed, non-profit organization Support Creativity, and DJ collective Mad Flava NYC.  And now through his own brand, Vice Vs Veecio, he's on a journey to tap into the world of 90's nostalgia. Everything from holographic trading cards,  Sega Genesis, and rave culture. 

Vice is inspired to build a brand that's true to his roots and identity. Creating a unique story through design and art.  The question is where will his journey take him next. Only time will tell. 

FUN FACT: Vice was born in Los Angeles, California but raised in the borough of Queens, NY since the age of 3. He first heard Mase's 1997 song "24 Hours to Live" in South Central, LA.

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