Special Features: Case Study

I Am Hexed is a Kickstarter campaign for a comic about the political struggles of modern-day witches.

I was contacted by Art Director James Emmet who has worked with me on other published graphic novels (STAINED, NVRLND, SUNFLOWER), the brand identity was needed to be designed and developed. Assets included comic logo, Kickstarter campaign layout, rewards, comic interiors, merchandise, and online presence.

I was able to identify ways to help by creating a brand that not only reflected the personality of the book but also the story. The brand needed to be fun and engaging but also have a political undertone. This was accomplished by understanding the brand's target audience and mission. Through that, we were able to create a logo that represented the book and the voice of the brand. All other assets followed the same voice and allowed to create a consistent and seamless identity.

Weekly meetings were scheduled to review, critique, and apply a strategy for assets. The meetings were met with the production team and external overview from Kirsten Thompson, the comic book creator. Each final deliverable needed to be approved by Kirsten Thompson as well. 

As a designer familiar with logo design and branding, I felt it was important to create assets such as a style guide that established the brand logo, colors, and typography. Creating this asset would allow the brand to expand but not lose its voice when moving on to various forms of media.  

The client was impressed with the results and felt confident enough to move forward with the release of the Kickstarter campaign.

The campaign was fully funded in less than an hour after going live.

Various blogs, critics and even Kickstarter raved over the campaign. In the end, the campaign gained 609 backers pledging a total of $23,422, surpassing its initial goal of $10,000. This gave the go for the pre-production of the second issue immediately. Social media numbers also grew exponentially, establishing the brand a loyal and dedicated following. 

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